Understanding Comics

I bought Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud in the xmas hols as a gift to myself and I’ve just finished it, been my regular bedtime reading, its a good read, very different, I’ve never been hugely into comics but he talks about  all aspect, about line, shape colour, sequential images, from the beginning of words and pictures to the current comic situation around the world.

The whole thing is written in comic book form, very unusual I’d not seen anything like it before, it makes sense but I feel it almost meant that it became a/seemed like more light-hearted topic than it was, it was a little hard to take it seriously when he really was talking about important stuff. I definitely learnt a lot, about everything, some history and the importance of visual symbolism and iconography to simple image making in lines and shapes, from covering time and motion to the psychology of colour and the artistic process etc it covered everything! I wish I’d had the chance to read it much sooner, I think it would have helped me understand GD on the whole more as well, the seemingly effortless combination of black & white text & image but its immense power at the same time.

Understanding Comics

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