Personal Tutor Group Presentation Feedback

Today we had a group session where we presented our progress so far with the idea of receiving feedback in hopes of getting it inline for the formative assessment coming up. I have 4 projects ongoing, (none 100% finished) but an idea of where I’m heading. I need most work on my ‘What If…’ & self initiated brief.

‘What if…’ Feedback:

  1. More research on the Golden Section, better understanding of what’s gone before hand on the topic
  2. My version of things is a little unscientific which is interesting it is ok not to be perfect
  3. Simplify the process of getting the necessary results to work with, just do something quickly and focus more on what I do with it afterwords.
  4. How much do I want it top relate or reflect on the conclusion of my dissertation? Or has it moved in a totally different direction?
  5. Suggested I look at the ‘Genius of Design’ documentary (about the bauhaus) as a good reference
  6. There was an idea to take it in a slightly different direction, rather than trying to find out what was the most perfect over all, why not create the most beautiful ‘thing’ in my mind and state that as the answer – relates better to my dissertation idea about how people’s perceptions of beauty vary, and would represent subjectivity of people’s idea of beauty and would provoke a reaction.
Personal Tutor Group Presentation Feedback

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