Final Dictionary

Here is a scan of a sample spread from a mock up of the final book as it would be:

Sample spread in mock up book

I’m very pleased with my final design, I think it works well, to combine the thesaurus and dictionary entries together was a good idea, it does what it was intended to do and I managed to complete it within the time scale successfully (a rare occurrence!) it helped having very strict guidelines and goals set out at the beginning to achieve, it wasn’t easy, there was a lot of work involved behind the scenes that might not be visible at first sight but it was two weeks work and I enjoyed it all.

I also designed the other various pages in the dictionary for the mock up book. Including a page telling you how to use the aspects of the dictionary page…

Page noting the editorial staff involved:

Contents and copyright page:

And a title page where I had an image from the original dictionary as the frontispiece in its memory:

I wanted it to be neat, clean and modern, nothing fussy or fancy, the cover still needs to be designed and made at some point in the future.

Final Dictionary

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