A-Z Development

I’ve started looking at various fonts and sizes and an initial layout. It needs to be a ‘nice’ book something to be treasured more, must be readable fonts, nothing too fancy but something a little different too the usual, modernise it as whole a bit, more inviting adn enjoyable, adding colour seemed to be a good place to start, not economical realistically but I’m only really doing one spread. Here are a few initial trials:

3 columns and the dictionary and thesaurus entires divided top and bottom on each page…

The spreads so far are looking very basic and simple at the moment in my opinion…

I’m struggling to find things to add that are necessary to add to the spread, things like page numbers, do they need page numbers, would anyone actually use them, how and why? I don’t think I ever have! Everything I add every block of colour, every mark, every space etc needs a purpose, with so little room to negotiate every aspect must be considered and decided upon carefully.

A-Z Development

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