A-Z Dictionary

Today I picked my dictionary that I’ll be working from. It’s a thesaurus and dictionary all in one. The Dictionary is at the top and separated below is the equivalent Thesaurus entries, all black, no colour, there is a mix of serif and sans serif fonts, one navigational word per page in the top outer corners, page numbers on the top inside corners and running heads throughout for both the dictionary and thesaurus parts…

I’ve transcribed a full spread and a bit of text to start working with (took a longer time than expected!) but copying was the easy bit,now comes the decisions… The original was meant to be a pocket one and although small in side (length and width) the depth is thus rather large to compensate so not ideal for a ‘pocket’ after all… Who really carries dictionaries around anyway?! I’ve already decided my page size will be bigger than the original and the book overall will be thinner with the intention to be used at home only.

A-Z Dictionary

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