Self Initiated Brief 1 – Ambiguity

Came across a website called AMBIGUOUS WORDS which has a list of words, that by themselves are the most ambiguous, the top ten are:

I was surprised to see such a large amount of definitions or synonyms of these individual words, its crazy, how can four letter together in a line mean so much?! See here for all the the different definitions and uses of just the word light.

Been working on finalising my own brief and here it is:

Breif – Words and meaning

I’m keen to show the absolute madness in the English language where one word has so many different meanings and uses. Decided to stick to using the word itself each time and build around it to see what I can make. For example:

Light |  Lights | Slight | Slightly | Slightest…. etc and see what I can come up with to play around and present this….

Self Initiated Brief 1 – Ambiguity

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