Set project 2 – Mid Crit

Here’s some of the work that I presented at the mid crit for ‘Text to book’ brief.

We needed three different approaches of interpreting and presenting the text..

1. I tried a textbook influenced approach, very neat, regimented and minimalist:

2. a more paper engineering/pop-up and interactive approach, trying to turn the extremely dry content on its head with the intention to make the text more approachable, fun and memorable:


3. and finally displaying the whole text on a single poster, a completely different format but one with potential:

I did this as a sketch initially just to help we work out the structure and layout of all the text overall to see what I was working with and in the end it seemed sensible to try is as a poster (this was printed A1 size).

However, at the interim crit this was the favourite idea as it was something bit different to a ‘book’ (but it is still printed matter so allowed) and actually would be really useful tool for designers to have on their studio wall etc… There were a few suggestions, picking a B page size to relate it back to ‘books’, also I could consider using the two sided nature of a poster somehow or look at folding so it would become booklet/poster all in one…

Set project 2 – Mid Crit

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