Set project 2 – from text to book

Set project 2: title: from text to book: set by Paulus Dreibholz.

“A writer writes a text he does not write a book. A designer designs the container, a structure for the text to sit in and gives shape to the words the author has given him into a visual message”

We were all given the same text. It was titled the parts of the book and filled up a total 17 pages of A4 at 12pt, so there was a lot of text to read through, to fully understand, to edit and correct (we were told there were errors) and to work with…

Brief: “Engage with the text, develop a printed publication that contains every part but must also follow and demonstrate your abilities to understand formal and conceptual structures of content and from and their respective implications.”

Final format was open but needed to be strongly typographic in nature, with our purpose to ‘master the printed word, showing an expert handling of text language, materials and production methods.’

Set project 2 – from text to book

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