‘What if…’ – Context Essence

Instead of focusing too closely to my context essay topic as a basis for the ‘what if…’ I realise it should be thinking more about its essence, and use that as a starting point from which to develop another project.

Essentially underneath you could say it is all about:

perception of beauty, particularly in relation to natural vs enhanced concepts of beauty

The most prominent issue within my context and general discussion about the topic is people’s perception of beauty:

How does one person perceive something to be more beautiful than the another??

It would be interesting to find out what people’s perception resolve around and try some simple initial experiments about that first and see what I find…

I also need to move away from the topic of the beautiful body to elements of beauty in relation to form instead as a way to refocus my attention back on design.

I think I’ll be looking at basic forms first like shape/size/colour and then move on to composition such as proportion/harmony/balance but only within 2D design (I need some boundaries otherwise I see myself getting carried away and lost!)


‘What if…’ – Context Essence

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