‘What if…’

My initial understanding of the what if questions was different to how I realise now how they should be considered.

For example I had stuff like:

‘What if…’

  • we didn’t have a body?
  • we had a different current day ideal
  • we only existed in the ideal form, everyone was perfectly formed?
  • we had no notion of beauty at all?
  • we all looked identical – all the same physical human features?
  • we were all constantly in the nude, in our natural form?
  • ugly was desirable?
  • we didn’t age?
  • we couldn’t lose or gain weight?
  • perfection was attainable?
  • vanity was banned/made illegal?

But with these questions there was no intention, instead they were more about imagining/creating a whole other world completely separate to life as we know it to be now and seeing what the consequences would be. I think it explains why I had such difficulty in exploring any of them further visually, I had no idea what to do, I’m not saying the topics weren’t interesting, quite the opposite but I found it hard to relate the topics to aspect of graphic design.

‘What if…’

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