The Briefs

Currently have 2 compulsory projects at the moment…

1 | the Major Context Research Project
Essentially our version of a dissertation it is an opportunity for us to produce a substantial piece of work, of both written (around 6000 words) and visual elements, about a subject matter of our choice.

We have to complete a ‘coherent and structured piece of writing that clearly argues your position, and is supported by relevant visual material, with appropriate typographic conventions, citations and bibliography’

along side we must produce a design project which can either:

‘accompany the written piece which visually demonstrates and explores the argument’


‘be such that all the text is contained in the finished artefact – so the form should be intrinsic to the construction of your argument in such a way that the content and presentation are inseparable.’

2 | Unit 10: Set Project 1 ‘What if…’

BRIEF: Taking our dissertation topic as a basis we have to develop a piece of design work with the purpose of shedding further light on the subject. We must begin by developing a ‘what-if’ question that tackles a design issue or idea that we have discovered in our writing and then explore the question through visual experiments.

The Briefs

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